Comstock & Associates is a local Carlsbad based firm serving a variety of clients in tax, financial, estate and business planning. Our firm specializes in planning and execution.

Our focus is on helping our clients take charge of their financials and to provide the expertise in evaluating the financials in developing a plan for taxes, finances or estate planning. We also offer business plan development that integrates with the tax, finance and estate plans.

Our approach is unique. We think outside the box and approach any situation with an open mind. For example, our approach to financial planning integrates personal & business goals and also includes qualitative reasoning in addition to the standard quantitative results. The qualitative factors may carry more weight with a client and therefore our plan will integrate these factors.

Financial Planning is not simply how to invest your money. It's much more comprehensive. Financial planning should cross personal, business & estate boundaries. Essentially, you quantify where you are today and your expectations for the future. Our financial plan then helps build that bridge to your future.

Taxation is another area of misunderstanding. Planning is preparing for the future not simply recording the past. Tax preparation is an historical job. Tax planning requires more depth of knowledge and ability to meld that knowledge with the client's specific needs. Our firm offers such insight and knowledge.

Estate Planning is dynamic and with the President's proposals could be less intrusive. However, even if President Bush and Congress agree to reduce estate taxes, proper planning can save money, reduce the burden to loved ones and facilitate an orderly transfer of your wealth. Without proper planning or timely updates to your existing estate plan assets may not transfer according to your wishes.

Comstock & Associates is a unique firm that empowers our clients and forges a partnership for growth and opportunity. To discuss your specific situation and how Comstock & Associates can help you call Jim Comstock today at (760) 729-7444.

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